BSidesPR reports to the community

Hello Everyone,

Just to let you guys know that BSidesPR was a total success. Everyone (that I know of) was really happy. I was happy, after a really stressful week

We had:
85 participants – raised ~$7,000.00
8 Cash Sponsors – raised ~$9,500.00
7 In-Kind Sponsors – (Courses, Promo, Swag, Hardware, Software, etc)
8 Volunteers (AV, logistics, transportation, HARD WORK)
3 Organizers – ~$5,000

Total Cost: ~$25,000

We took an economic hit, but WE DON’T CARE!, It was such an awesome experience that the organizers will cover it with pleasure.

What we learn:

Less is more … don’t try to do to much. It will bite you in the ass.

To learn more about BSidesPR go to:

http://bsidespr.prg (soon we will be posting the videos and photos)

Search the twitter space for #BSidesPR for reactions


Now we have set the bar for the Infosec community in Puerto Rico and that is a good thing. We have proof that you can have a Security CON with NO vendor talks and succeed.

Its been a wild ride, a lot sleepless nights, stress, and depression, but SO AWESOME!. maybe we are masochist so, see you next year!



Matt Graeber cloud no make it to BsidesPR, but he kept his promise anyway …

Practical Persistence with PowerShell

Matt Graeber (@mattifestation) , one of our speakers got ill just before the conference and he could not make the flight.  But posted his presentation on his blog so we cloud still learn from him.

Thanks Matt!

Find the presentation here:

Attend Security BSides Puerto Rico (April 5-6, 2013) and …

Attend Security BSides Puerto Rico (April 5-6, 2013) and …

Have Access to 16 renowned speakers and participate in the discussions about hot topics and here the real side of IT Security (No vendor talks)

Participate in one of 3 workshops (Powershell for Security Professionals, Armitage & Cobalt Strike Pentesting Lab, and Social Engineering Basics and beyond)

Receive 12 CPE for those who have CEH, CISSP or other security related certification that requires CPE.

And the chance to win:

  • One (1) of 10 seats in the Linux for Security Professionals 8hr Workshop
  • A seat ITIL Foundations Course (exam is not included)
  • One (1) of 5 seats in a Security + certification course (exam is not included)
  • One (1) of two (2) accesses to penetration testing courses: (Student v2 + Hera Lab 30H) or (Professional v2 + ECPPT + Hera Lab 30H)

$90 Regular Rate

$70 Student Rate

Register now!, spaces are limited:


Security B Sides Puerto Rico


Hello to all:

This is just a quick reminder that there will be a raffle of seats for security courses in BSidesPR:

One seat for ITIL Fundamental, five seats for CompTIA Security + and ten seats for Linux for Security Pros. 

It is important that people that want to have the possibility of wining any of these seats register for Security B Sides Puerto Rico before April the 4th.

Obsidis Consortia the Non-profit organization behind Security B Sides has funding limitations and this is the reason why registrations for BSidesPR are limited.

Register here:


Layout of the Event


Security B Sides Puerto Rico as mentioned before will be a two day event. The seminar will have a cost of inscription of $90 dollars + Local Tax and will include the all day talks on April 5th, 2013 and a workshop of your choosing April 6th, 2013.

Link: Speakers and Talks


Spaces Are Limited


Forensic Analysis on iOS Devices

Pen-testing in the POST-PC era

Love letters to Frank Abagnale
(How do I pwn thee let me count the ways)

Resurrecting Ettercap: Past, Present and Future of Malicious Routing

The Anomaly of when a vulnerability assessment is better than a pentest.

Don’t be Fooled, Scanning Web Applications is not Pen-Testing

Owning Computers Without Shell Access

Practical Persistence With PowerShell

Overcoming Objections to Security in the SDLC with a Special Section on Weaponizing QA Test Scripts

APN functions for e-commerce security

Addition by Subtraction: How Networked Appliances Affect your Security Posture

Advanced Phishing Tactics – Beyond user awareness

Key Note

WebSockets unPlugged



Workshop: Armitage and Cobalt Strike Penetration Testing Lab

The Metasploit Framework is a must-have tool for penetration testers. Armitage builds a workflow on top of the Metasploit Framework and exposes its most advanced capabilities. Cobalt Strike augments Armitage with tools to carry out social engineering attacks. This lab oriented class will introduce you to the penetration testing process from the perspectives of Armitage and Cobalt Strike.


You’ll learn how to:

* Choose the right remote or client-side exploit
* Attack with features
* Launch a spear phishing attack
* Control a compromised system

Where to learn more:


Cobalt Strike


Students must bring a laptop with a VMWare product installed. VMWare
player is OK. The instructor will provide attack and target virtual
machines on a DVD. A USB DVD drive will be available to use. Student
systems must have 12GB of free space and at least 2GB of RAM.


Workshop: Power Shell

What is PowerShell
Using the Powershell Help Subsystem
Understating PowerShell Cmdlets
Using PowerShell for Incident Response
Using PowerShell for Enumerations
Using PowerShell for Post-Exploitation
PowerShell in post-exploitation thru a shell


Windows Based computer with Powershell V2 or above.

PowerShell Download



Workshop: Social Engineering Basics and Beyond

Are you a pen tester in need of social engineering training? Perhaps you just want an understanding of what social engineering is all about.
This workshop has something for everyone.

Throughout this 1 day course we’ll cover the steps of the social engineering process from planning to post-attack. After the basics we’ll
dive into non-traditional topics such as spycraft, acting, pressure sales, the psychology behind them, and how it all applies to the social
engineering that we know and love.

Introduction to social engineering
Elements of communication and why it’s important
Information gathering using technical and non-technical resources
Attacks (technical and non-technical)
Demonstrations of the Social Engineering Toolkit


Laptops are not required, but students are encouraged to bring one with Backtrack 5 if they would like to participate in hands-on exercises.

The register button leads to We Pay:

or follow the link to the online store:


BSidesPR 1st Sponsors


Security B Sides Puerto Rico is proud to present our first official sponsor  Tenable Network Security

The leader in network security solutions has reach out and trusted our commitment to making Security B Sides Puerto Rico the first security experts conference in the island.


Schedule for talks


BSidesPR Speakers

Security B-Sides Puerto Rico is proud to present with no specific order our speakers. Abstracts and Bio’s will be puslihed soon!

1) Emilio Escobar
2) Albert Campa
3) Jose Hernandez
4)Jaime Andres Restrepo
5) Royce Davis
6) Matt Graeber
7) Jayson Street
8) Michael Landeck
9) Moises Delgado
10) Chris Campbell
11) Rapahel Mudge (Workshop)
12) Valerie Thomas (Workshop)
13) Carlos Perez
14) Eric Milam & Martin Bos
15) Vaagn Toukharian

We are still go!!!

Hello to all:

Sorry for the delay, we have been working on the logistics of the events. For now we are releasing the sponsor kits, we believe that you as our security community could help us reach this goal of making this event happen.

Sponsor Kits Security B Sides Puerto Rico by

For more information go to:


Dec 19, last day for Call For Papers

Hello To all:

December 19, 2012 is the last day for call for papers. We have a good line up and hope to bring the best speakers to the 1st hacker conference of Puerto Rico. If there is anybody still interested in joining the speakers please submit your talk soon! Wednesday 19 will be closing!

BSidesPR will be help April 5, 2013 and 6 and 7 for training sessions. Go to our Call For Papers Page or use the link below:

Link To Call For Papers