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Many great security researchers and professionals were train locally but with no help. Now things are different, Obsidis Consortia, Inc. (OC, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization that recognizes these needs; focusing on hands-on workshops and community exchange for students, young professionals and veterans alike in the field of information security creating a strong community with members from all levels and disciplines.

As part of our mission OC, Inc. has organized the only hardcore security conference in Puerto Rico: Security B Sides Puerto Rico bringing hackers, sysadmins and management together. This event is recognized by the parent organization of Security B Sides ( who promotes the focus on education and individual growth and camaraderie. To make an event of this magnitude, OC, Inc. requires the sponsorship of the community we represent both academic and business alike. For this reason we created packages listed in sponsorship kit that help sponsors contribute to the event and make it possible and accessible.

Her you will find all docs necessary to complete the process:


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Jose Quinones ( )

Jorge BesĂș (


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