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JOFF THYER (@joff_thyer)

Senior Security Consultant, Researcher, and Penetration tester with Black Hills Information Security.


Joff has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry as an enterprise network architect, network security defender, and information security consultant. Joff holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics, an M.Sc. in Computer Science, and GIAC penetration testing certifications GPEN, GWAPT, and GXPN.

Joff has experience with intrusion detection and prevention systems, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, engineering network infrastructure defense, including Cisco ISE deployment, and software development.  Joff has taught Mastering Packet Analysis, and mentored SEC-503 Intrusion Detection in Depth for the SANS institute.

Joff is also a co-host on the Security Weekly podcast, which features latest information security news, research, interviews, and technical information.



CARLOS PEREZ (@carlos_perez)

Director of Reverse Engineering in R&D for Tenable Network Security.

Carlos is also a Community Developer for Metasploit, contributor to the “Metasploit the Penetrations Testers Guide” Book and has written several Open Source security tools some included in Kali Linux. He is a member of the board for the PTES Penetration Testing Execution Standard and the Init.d Security Group in Puerto Rico. He has presented at Defcon, Bsides, Hack3rCon, SANS and others.
He is also a host for Security Weekly and has participated as a security subject matter expert in both radio and television. Carlos loves to write code in Python, Ruby, Powershell, T-SQL and Bash. Carlos holds the Poweshell MVP title since 2014 and its considered one of the most influential information security Powershell contributors.

Actual Chief Security Ambassador de Eleven Paths
Coordinador del Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial en Argentina, dependiente del Centro de España (CCI-Es.org),Ex-Presidente de ISSA Argentina (2011-2013 y 2013-2015). Consultor especialista en Seguridad de la Información con certificaciones internacionales.

Profesor de Informática Forense en el Instituto Superior de Seguridad Pública (ISSP) Socio Fundador de Root-Secure SRL. Miembro de asociaciones relacionadas al ambiente como:  ISSA International, OWASP, Usuaria, Argentina Cibersegura, Miembro del comité académico de Segurinfo desde el 2007 a la actualidad.

Orador en una gran cantidad de eventos tanto nacionales como internacionales, inclusive en TEDxUTN 2012, LatinCACS 2012 y 2013, Isaca Lima Full Day, Campus Party Br 2014 y Ec 2011, Owasp Latam Tour 2011-13/15, Segurinfo 2007-2014, 8dot8 (2011-2014) entre otros grandes eventos.  Instructor  sobre temas relacionados con Ethical Hacking, Metodólogas de Defensa, Hardering de Plataformas, Seguridad Web, Técnicas Anti-Forenses.  Apasionado por la Ingeniería Social. Autor junto a sus socios en Root-Secure del libro “Ethical Hacking, un enfoque metodolígico” publicado por Editorial  Alfaomega con ISBN-13: 978-9871609017


JOSE QUINONES (@josequinones)

President/Founder of Obsidis Consortia

José L. Quiñones has 20+ years of experience in the IT field and holds a Bachelors in Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Puerto Rico. Additionally holds various professional certifications in systems administration area such as: MCSA, and RHCSA, but also in the IT security field such as: CEH, C)PEH, C)M2I, GCIH and GPEN. Jose’s background in electronics engineering has made him proficient in hardware hacking with platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM, IoT architecture and UAVs.

For the last 8 years Jose has worked in the Health and Education industries as IT Director for a Medical School, but also works as an independent consultant in IT infrastructure, cloud and security architecture. Jose has designs courses and workshops in Networking, Windows, Linux, Virtualization, Ethical Hacking and Incident Handling; and teaches certification programs for professional educational companies and Universities.

He is  President/Founder of Obsidis Consortia, Inc a not for profit organization which mission is to promote professional development of information security for IT professionals, students and enthusiasts, and security awareness to the general public. Finally Jose, runs a local security user group, is the head organizer of “Security B Sides Puerto Rico”, designs Network Security Scenarios and Simulations (Capture the flag), and runs a personal blog about systems administration and security called codefidelio.org.

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Emilio began writing code when he was a teenager and has been working application security for about ten years. He has worked for the government, done security consulting, and now manages the application security team at PlayStation Network. On the side, Emilio works as one of the core developers for Ettercap, a man-in-the middle attack tool.


Jose A. Arroyo

Obsidis Consortia VP

 Arroyo is the Vice President and Co-Founder of Obsidis Consortia, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the community understand technology and information assurance. As part of this movement Obsidis Consortia has been collaborating with the Puerto Rico’s Department of Justice with training law enforcement officials and prosecutors on cyber crime. He is the co-author of The Cyber Crime Investigative Methodologies handbook written specifically for the Puerto Rico’s code of justice.


Ramiro Vidal

Web-Developer, Owner and Founder of VidalMedia.com, User Services Coordinator for the University of Puerto Rico @ Mayagüez, Entrepreneur, and “Maker”.

Ramiro has an MBA in Management Information Systems and over 13 years of experience in the development of webpages. He has developed systems for different companies and offers consultation services for professionals in the west area of Puerto Rico. He is an enthusiast in the world of “making”, developing Arduino devices that connect to the internet. He organized the ‘Arduino Day 2016’ for the Makerspace PR. He is a Mac/linux user and took ethical hacker, and forensics courses, among others, to be able to provide better security for his clients and systems.

For the last 15 years he has been an employee of the University of Puerto Rico, starting as a student, then as programmer, to later becoming a technician, until now, holding office as a User Services Coordinator (System Administration). He has grown bit-by-bit with hard work and self-education and continues to learn and grow along with new and coming technologies. He used to have a technology segment called “Techno Sabor” in the FM96 radio station, discussing phones, applications, security, and technology in general.

In May 2016, him with his team won the “Hackathon de la Asociación de Industriales” and in 2003, Ramiro won the Microsoft .NET Programming Challenge at the University of Puerto Rico @ Mayagüez.

Jacob Holcomb

Security Analyst for Independent Security Evaluators.

At ISE, Jacob works on projects that involve penetration testing, application security, network security, and exploit research and development. Jacob has been the principal researcher on several pieces of ISE research, including the landmark publication SOHOpelessly Broken, which discovered over 50 new 0-day vulnerabilities in network routers and served as the foundation for the first-ever router hacking contest at DEFCON. Jacob is a highly regarded speaker, presenting at security conferences such as BlackHat USA, BlackHat Europe, DEFCON, DerbyCon, BSidesDC, and many others. In addition to projects at work, coding, and his favorite pastime of EIP hunting, Jacob loves to hack his way through the interwebz and has responsibly disclosed dozens of 0-day vulnerabilities in commercial products and services.


Rick Ramgattie

Associate Security Analyst at Independent Security Evaluators.

There he conducts custom security assessments on software products.  Mr. Ramgattie is a novice in the art of reverse engineering, and has taken part in application security assessments that have required him to learn about the security for many different platforms. He enjoys cryptography, CTFs, and reading.

René Rivas

MBA communications , Bachelor Degree in digital electronic , Service tech level 3 by Motorola, FCC licensed , GROL elements 1 and 3, GROL radars , A+ By CompTia, Net+ By CompTia, Nortel BSSM tech specialist , FUJITSU certified , CRISC Certified information control assurance.


Drew Branch

Security Evaluators, where he is challenged with assessing Fortune 500 companies implementations of security such as DRM systems, cryptography and secure configurations/development within mobile and web applications, etc. Currently, Mr. Branch holds a B.S. in Electrical/Computer Engineering from Morgan State University and is actively pursuing a M.S in Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is a cutting edge technology enthusiast with a passion for security in all aspects and is intrigued with how things work and how to break them.


Kellep Charles (@kellepc)

Executive Editor of SecurityOrb.com (@SecurityOrb),

Kellep works as a government contractor in the Washington, DC area as an Information Security Analyst with over 20 years of experience in the areas of incident response, computer forensics, security assessments, malware analyst and security operations. Currently he is completing his Doctorate in Information Assurance at Capitol Technology University. He also holds a Master of Science in Telecommunication Management from the University of Maryland University College and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University.


Avishay Zawoznik

Security Research Group, Imperva Incapsula

Avishay is specializing in network based and application based DDoS attacks research, utilizing Incapsula’s CDN for advanced data analysis of attacks. Avishay is also researching web application attacks, looking at variants of exploits seen in the wild. Avishay has years of experience also in other  types of cyber threats, like infiltration & post-exploiting


Jose Fernandez (@jfersec)

Jose Fernandez is a Lead Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton.

He has over 18 years of experience in the IT field. Jose specializes in InfoSec research by applying offensive methodologies towards practical defensive measures. Jose’s background in CNO, CND and engineering has allowed him to work in some of the most technically demanding environments throughout his career in both private and public sector. Mr. Fernandez is also a Veteran and PhD student pursuing his dissertation in application whitelisting.

Jose holds a Master’s degree in Science specializing in Information Security as well as over 20+ industry certifications. He has held positions from IT Specialist, Journeyman to CNO SME during his career. Mr. Fernandez is an avid developer and spends his research time automating system processes and implementing new technologies in networking and virtualization. Jose has led specialized teams as both a mentor and tech lead within different areas of federal government. He has also been successful in defending hostile and restricted spaces within the federal government as a CND OCO by performing rogue malicious user emulation and incorporating CNE into hunting operations abroad.

Jacob Thompson

Senior Security Analyst for Independent Security Evaluators

He specializes in high-end, custom security assessments of computer hardware and software products. With 10+ years experience, a propensity toward hands-on security assessment, and proficiencies in reverse engineering, DRM systems, cryptography, system and application security, and secure system design. Through his 4 years’ work with ISE, Mr. Thompson has partaken in multiple major vulnerabilities and assessments and customer visits. He has presented his research at DEF CON, BSides DC, DERBYCON, and ToorCon.


Mr. Kelvin O. Medina

Senior Security Consultant for Trustwave.

As part of Trustwave’s global security delivery services, Mr. Medina lead client engagements in all industries vertical from startups to Fortune Global 500 organizations with an emphasis over Latin America. On a day-today, he serves as a trusted advisor in the areas of secure application development, source-code review, application testing and cryptography in alignment with the Payment Application – Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

Previously, Mr. Medina was an internal consultant at the University of Miami & Healthcare System supporting various initiative such as enterprise security logging & monitoring, incident handling, PCI-DSS. Other experience includes serving as an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) for the US Navy.

In 2013, Mr. Medina received his Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University – Whiting School of Engineering. In the same year, was selected to complete the Global Pre-MBA program part of Yale University. He also holds several industry leading security certifications. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

More to come …