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Nombre Talk
Claudio Caracciolo Jugando con datos en tiempo real (OSINT)
  CiberSeguridad Industrial y el mundo OT
Roberto Martínez Catch me if you can -The cat & mouse game.” Técnicas avanzadas de evasión utilizadas por malware y hackers.
Avishay Zawoznik Kick-Ass XSS: Beyond alert(1)
Emilio A. Escobar PSN AppSec – Started from the bottom now we’re here
Drew Branch Need More Sleep? REST Could Help
Jacob Holcomb Attacking Patient Health: The Anatomy of Hospital Exploitation
Jacob Thompson HTTPS Removal Techniques for Non-Browser Applications
Joff Thyer Keynote: Hunting for Bad Guys Pentesting
Michael Santarcangelo Keynote: The Journey from Security Expert to Security Leader
Carlos Pérez Keynote:Thinking Purple
José Quiñones Password Cracking
Ramiro Vidal Harware Hacking: Garage Door Openers
Rick Ramgattie Ready it or Not, Here I Come!
Rene Rivas M. Security 101 (Firetalk)
Kellep Charles The Security Assessment Process & Best Practices: A Practitioner’s Approach
Kelvin Medina Can you protect my Credit Card data? (PCI-DSS)
Jose Arroyo Cyberwarfare: OSINT & Kill lists on the Internet