Meet our speakers …



Jared Haight, Microsoft

Jared Haight is a member of Microsoft’s WDG Red Team and has spent the last two years hiding his terrible social anxiety to try and give something back to the infosec community. This has led to him giving talks at DerbyCon, CarolinaCon, AppSec California, and various BSides as well as teaching classes on PowerShell and Pentesting at different venues. What he lacks in knowledge he makes up for with his self deprecating sense of humor and positive attitude.


Omar Santos, Cisco

Omar Santos is a Principal Engineer in the Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) within Cisco’s Security Research and Operations. Omar is an active member of the security community, where he leads several industry-­wide initiatives and standard bodies. Omar is often delivering technical presentations at many conferences and to Cisco customers and partners. He is the author of over a dozen books, video courses, and several other publications.


Director of Reverse Engineering in R&D for Tenable Network Security.

Carlos is also a Community Developer for Metasploit, contributor to the “Metasploit the Penetrations Testers Guide” Book and has written several Open Source security tools some included in Kali Linux. He is a member of the board for the PTES Penetration Testing Execution Standard and the Init.d Security Group in Puerto Rico. He has presented at Defcon, Bsides, Hack3rCon, SANS and others. He is also a host for Security Weekly and has participated as a security subject matter expert in both radio and television. Carlos loves to write code in Python, Ruby, Powershell, T-SQL and Bash. Carlos holds the Poweshell MVP title since 2014 and its considered one of the most influential information security Powershell contributors.


Paul Calatayud, Palo Alto Networks

Paul Calatayud serves as America’s Chief Security Officer for Palo Alto Networks. Prior to his role with Palo Alto Networks, Paul was Chief Technology Officer for FireMon, leading business development, corporate development, and product strategy. Paul is a two-time CISO and lead security strategy for a fortune 5 healthcare company providing cyber technology strategy for over 300K employees. Paul has held progressive roles in information security at the Department of Defense, Medtronic, Comcast, BAE Systems, Best Buy, and Vesta. Paul is also an advisor to half a dozen cyber companies, VC, and private equity firms. Paul holds multiple certifications including: CISSP, CISA, CISM, and GCIH. Paul holds a B.S. in Information Technology, MBA, Masters in Cryptography, and a PhD in Leadership (in progress).


Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez, CompSec Direct

Jose Fernandez is the President and owner of CompSec Direct. He is an InfoSec researcher with over 19 years of experience in the IT field. Jose specializes in InfoSec research by applying offensive methodologies towards practical defensive measures. Jose’s background in CNO, CND and engineering has allowed him to work in some of the most technically demanding environments throughout his career in both private and public sector. Mr. Fernandez is also a Veteran and PhD student pursuing his dissertation in application whitelisting.


Paul Coggin
Financial Institution

Paul Coggin is a Cyber Security Research Scientist for a financial institution. His expertise includes tactical, service provider, and ICS\SCADA network infrastructure attacks, and defenses, as well as large complex network design and implementation. His experience includes leading network architecture reviews, vulnerability analysis, and penetration testing engagements for critical infrastructure and tactical networks. Pauls’ experience includes teaching networking, hacking and forensics courses Internationally. He has a BS in Math\Computer Science, MS in Information Assurance and Security and a MS in Computer Information Systems. In addition he holds a number of network and security certifications.


Price McDonald, Rapid 7

Price McDonald is a security consultant responsible for managing a team of Penetration Testers in addition to conducting penetration tests against his clients networks, software and hardware. After hours and on the weekends Price enjoys long walks on the beach, breaking hardware, racing cars, and competitive shooting. By day, Justin Berry works as a senior security consultant where he does things and other stuff, but by night, he’s been referred to as a metal-head drinker with a hacking problem. While not undermining secure corporate networks and applications, Justin enjoys a nice, relaxing game of 8-ball, long walks on the beach, etc. Managers hate him because he rarely shows up on time and still slays it. This is what its like when worlds collide.


Jaime Andres Restrepo, DragonJAR

Jaime Andres Restrepo es Ingeniero en Sistemas y Telecomunicaciones de la Universidad de Manizales. Information Security Researcher con más de 10 años de experiencias en Ethical Hacking, Pen Testing y Análisis Forense. Docente Universitario en Pre y Post-Grado, Speaker y Organizador de diferentes eventos Internacionales de Seguridad Informatica, Fundador del DragonJAR Security Conference de DragonJAR SAS y de La Comunidad DragonJAR, una de las comunidades de seguridad informática mas grandes de habla hispana y referente en el sector.


Killan Ditch, Coalfire

Killian works as a network and application penetration tester with Coalfire in Denver, CO. Having dabbled in security throughout his 10 year IT career, he moved to full time penetration testing approximately two years ago.


Arun Warikoo, Express Scripts

Cyber Security Specialist, Thought Leader, Inventor, Author, and Speaker with over 12 years of experience in the field of cyber security. I have a patent pending on “method on determining the risk associated with an ongoing cyber-attack”. Published numerous papers in Cyber Security. I have spoken at the following conferences:
HP Protect Conference 2015 , Washington DC, Spoke on “How to determine the risk associated with an ongoing cyber-atack
HP Protect Conference 2016, Washington DC, Spoke on “How to integrate Open Source Threat Intelligence (TI) with an enterprise’s Security Monitoring Platform”


Esteban Rodriguez, Coalfire

Esteban Rodriguez works as a Security Consultant working at Coalfire performing network and web application penetration testing. New to the field of offensive security, he previously worked at Apple doing security analysis and incident response. Passionate to learn and share, he wishes to give back to the community through his blog at n00py.io

Stefan Edwards, nVisium

Stefan was a coal miner until 1953, when a tragic accident involving a misplaced sock lead him to fall back on “those computer thingies” he had always been interested in. Outside of coal mining and computers, Stefan is interested in philosophy (ethics & information), reading, gardening, and his family.


Jered Bare, Carfax

Jered Bare is an Information Security Professional living in Mid-Missouri and has been working in the IT industry for over nine years.