The goal of this hackathon is the promote the development on security related tools, applications or services and server as a preamble to BSidesPR.

Date:  March 8, 2014

Location: Puerto Rico Science Trust (Blimp Headquarters)

Time: 8am – 8pm

This hackathon is sponsored by:

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These were the participants:


 These were the winners:


Team Registration

  1. Teams will have 1-5 members.

  2. Space is limited so pre registration is required.

  3. Teams must register the project scope and development tools.


  1. You can can use whatever development tools, framework or platform at your disposal.

  2. Team must disclose whatever pre-built hardware (development boards, hardware platforms, etc.) or software (open source project, APIs, frameworks, libraries, modules, etc) or open source project they intend to use for their project.

  3. You can do as much brainstorming/design upfront before the event as you wish.

  4. You can have access to security experts to help on your design and/or implementation.  OC, Inc will have experts on the day of the event to help developers.

  5. The winner(s) will have month to polish their product and will have a 30 min presentation spot on BSidesPR 2014 where they can share with the security community and sponsors their final project.


Judging  Guidelines:

  1. A project built within the timeframe of the event should be valued higher that a project with lots of prior work. Although size and scope of the project will be considered for pre coding modules.

  2. Is it a new product or fix problems or gaps of an existing one.

  3. The project must actually function and serve at least part of the intended purpose (security oriented).

  4. Cleanness and security will be considered in the evaluation of the project code.

  5. Is it better than existing products?, Does it work as proposed?, Is it useful?, Does it have marketing/sales potential or fills community needs?



  1. Social media is something to be considered in the hiring phase, constructing a social profile a an individual is something that may help the decision to hire or not a prospect employee.  A background check or professional and/or acceptable conduct may be required for many jobs. Also social Media can become an attack vector to a company, so its better to know what’s out there before the bad guys do.

  2. Web developers and web server administrators can have a hard time parsing thru logs to identify possible attacks, embedded malware, managing file integrity, and to manage security incidents in its response phase

  3. Security professionals (pentesters, auditors, etc) can have difficulty managing output from different security tools into reports and audit archives.

  4. Security professionals, System Administrators, have complex tools to manage and correlate events in the enterprise.

  5. SysAdmins, managers, and auditors can have difficult time managing compliance documents, configuration files, and documenting change in their systems.

Other projects will be accepted and are encouraged



On-site Registration/ Team Setup


Opening Presentation


Start Hacking


Lunch – (Sponsored by OC, Inc)


Continue Hacking


Dinner Break (On you own)


Elevator Pitches – (Project Presentations)



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